Lord Sri Krishna way to acquire Wealth and Ashta Aishwarya


How was Lord Sri Krishna taught to acquire wealth and Ashta Aishwarya??

Lord Krishna taught Arjuna many things in the form of Bhagavad Gita. The Bhagavad Gita is an excellent repository of knowledge not only for Arjuna but also for all the world’s people. Lord Krishna is called “Pandava Pakshapati” He is biased towards Dharma. Lord Krishna supported the Pandavas as they were committed to Dharma. Lord Krishna stood by Pandavas through every difficulty of the Pandavas. He taught them many things in order, and a few are listed below…

Giving fresh Water to those who are thirsty will bring money: 

It is Dharma to give Water to anyone thirsty. One should avoid factors like caste, religion and region while giving Water. Human beings and any living thing that comes with thirst should be watered and supported. Water is the life source of all living things. Water contains Pravaha Dharma, and by donating such Water, the treasures of wealth flow continuously like a river. It is a great sin to waste Water. Apart from donating Water, one can attain Punya by offering Tarpanam to the sun lord and serving Arghya Padya to the guests who have come home.

A little sandalwood can ward off all the bad effects in your home:

Lord Sri Krishna said that keeping sandalwood in the house makes that house happy and serene. Sandalwood dispels nervous vision and harmful effects. Sandalwood is one of the most beloved objects to God. Applying sandalwood paste(gandham) brings health. The sandalwood paste on the forehead removes all the stress from the brain and brings calmness, pleasant feelings and peace. Sandalwood fragrance is beneficial for meditation. It awakens the spiritual senses within us.

Pure ghee brings prosperity:

Pure ghee is one of the Panchamritas. It is an excellent Puja Dravyam. It is considered holy to offer Prasad’s made of ghee. Cow ghee has many ayurvedic properties. It cures many diseases. Cow ghee can only add strength without increasing fat in the body. Our traditionalists say that Cowghee is a form of Lakshmidevi, and Consuming it promotes health and prosperity.

Portrait/Idol of Goddess Saraswati Devi:

Having an Idol of Goddess Saraswati Devi or her symbolic musical instrument Veena can remove ignorance and misunderstandings in the house and help students succeed. The only money no one can rob is education, and Lord Krishna himself said that such education would abound in the place where Goddess Saraswati was worshipped.

Honey increases your wealth: 

Flowers – the most beautiful creation. Flowers are the primary ingredient used while worshipping God, and the bees collect nectar from such flowers and make honey. All the medicinal properties of the flowering plant are contained in the honey collected by the bees. Honey reflects the power of nature. Lord Krishna says that honey removes harmful substances from the environment, and eating honey promotes health and strength.

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