Lost your friends or acquaintances during COVID 19?


Lost your friends or acquaintances during COVID 19? You need to know about Lord Sri Krishna’s funeral.

Considering from the day we were born till today, we might have seen or experienced personal loss to some extent. Even though it is proved that everyone is equal before death irrespective of caste, creed, religion, status, colour, and standard, the pain the world started experiencing after the deadly virus took thousands of lives away with it left the families in extreme pain. The family members are barely able to see their loved ones for one last time, and not more than 20-30 members were allowed to attend the funeral of their loved ones. What can be more painful than this situation for any person in this world? There are few families left without support as their sons and daughters stay abroad. So, this article explaining the funeral of Lord Srikrishna from Mahabharatha can help many people during these tough times.

When Lord Sri Krishna mediates in Tapovan (forest of austerities or spiritual practice) far away from Dwaraka, Lord Sri Krishna’s father Vasudeva passed away in Dwaraka. As the funeral is to be arranged without any delay and Lord Balaram not being around, Arjuna took care of the entire funeral and completed the last rights in the presence of family and all the relatives. He wanted to inform this news to Sri Krishna and started his journey towards Tapovan. After rigorously searching for almost two days till his legs hurt finally, Arjuna finds Lord Srikrishna. But in a lifeless state.

Arjuna felt completely devastated and extremely hurt seeing Lord Srikrishna’s dead body. He cried his wits out, and the 2-3 men who came along with him tried to console Arjuna. He wanted to believe that the entire thing is not true, but it seemed that Sri Krishna lost his life 4-5days back after getting shot by an Arrow. As Dwaraka is almost getting drowned, Arjuna didn’t have a choice but to carry the last rites of Sri Krishna. So, leaving the entire kingdom behind, including Sri Krishna’s eight wives, 80 children, grandchildren, wealth, family, relatives, the entire population Arjuna alone performed the Funeral. In the same way, even after having two sons, Lord Vasudeva couldn’t have any of them beside him during his last breaths.

So, this article explaining the helpless deaths of the great gods explains to us that every human being ends up with a different destiny. So, with this passing and temporary world, one needs to travel irrespective of situations, and this article may provide solace and support to the families going through some tough times.