Maharani Durgavati – Legendary Rajput Warrior

Maharani Durgavati
Maharani Durgavati

Maharani Durgavati

The Magnificiant Warrior Maharani Durgavati born at Kalinjar Fort, Banda, Uttar Pradesh was a Chandel Rajputani. Cahndel Rajputs were the builders of the most beautiful city Khajuraho which had 85 amazing temples of which only 22 are present.

After her husband King Dalpat Shah’s death she had became queen of Gond Kingdom in 1550 A.D. she had a son Bir Narayan who was infant at that time. in 1556 A.D king of Malwa Baj Bahudur attacked Gond kingdom but faced such defeat that he never tried to attack again, such a brave queen was Rani Durgavati

Mughal Barbaric king Akbar decided to invade Gond Kingdom and sent an huge army of 50000 with heavy artillery under the command of Abdul Mazid Khan.

But Rani Durgavati had set her defences at valley near Narrai, on one side of river Narmada and other side of Gaur her army was ready to attack. The small Army of Rani Durgawathi had fought such an excellent that the huge Muslim army had turned back on both sides.

Her Army had came out of the valley and camped in open area. Rani wanted to attack Mughal army in the night and had discussed about it with her generals but they refused as it was not “YudhNeethi” and against our dharma. in the meantime the Muslim army had hauled in huge number.

On 24th June,1564 which was next day of the battle, the young warrior prince Bir Narayan fought tremendously and pushed back the Mughals thrice but had injured severely by which he had to taken back from battlefield. and on other side Rani on her elephant “Samran” had fought bravely but was stuck by two arrows which made her injure.

Though  her generals tried to retreat her but she knew that end was near, she refused treatment and with her “kattar”(dagger-short knife) she made her sacrifice herself and enterd Maha Samadhi. she never surrendered to the cruel mughal, that is the bravery of the great Rajput.

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