Mahavidya Bhairavi – Fierce goddess of destruction

Tripura Bhairavi
Mahavidya Bhairavi

Mahavidya Bhairavi


1. Bhairavi – Warrior goddess among Dasa Mahavidyas

Bhairavi is one of the important goddesses of Mahavidyas. She is the embodiment of destruction and dwells in the aspects of destruction either intellectual or material. Her male consort is Bhairava. Bhairavi and Bhairava are considered as the first ones to be propitiated before starting any sadhana. Bharavi pooja wards off all the negative forces with the offensive power of Bhairavi. Bhairavi is known as the goddess of decay. She manifests as Chandi in Durgasaptashati. She is one of the forms of Lalitha as it is said in Lalitha Sahasranama Stotram as Chanda Mundaasura Nishoodini.

Bhairavi is explained in Parashurama Kalpasutras and Todala Tantra. Bhairavi is the destructive force which is not negative and which leads to creation. She shows motherly love on her devotees which gives her the name Shubhankari.

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