Mahavidya Bhairavi – Fierce goddess of destruction

Tripura Bhairavi
Mahavidya Bhairavi

Mahavidya Bhairavi

2. How she appears? 

She is depicted as the dark greyish red skinned goddess. Bhairavi has three eyes like Lord Shiva. Her lips and bosom are smeared with blood. She has a crescent on her head and she smiles softly. Bhairavi glows like a thousand suns raising. She wears a garland of skulls around her neck and she is ornamented with ear dangling ear tops, lot of bangles, waistband and revealing nose ring. She wears a crown studded with priceless gems.

She holds a book and rosary. She shows Abhaya Mudra or fear dispelling gesture and Varada Mudra or boon conferring gesture. And other weapons, she holds in her hands.

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