Matangi – The Goddess of Knowledge and Intellect

Matangi Ammavaaru
matangi devi

matangi devi


1. Matangi – The goddess of knowledge and intellect

Matangi ammavaaru is one of the consorts in the court of Sri Lalitha Para Bhattaarika. Matangi is the mantrini or the minister of Sri Rajarajewsari. She is the furious form of Saraswathi. She is also known with the names Syamala, Raja Syamala, Raja Mathangi and Uchhista Matangi or Uchhista Chandalini. She is depicted as the forest girl or chandala kanya, girl who belongs to outcast. She is the daughter of Sage Matanga, by which she got the name Matangi. She also holds a veena in her hands which is the symbol of sound energy and sacred vibration. She is a tantric goddess and is worshipped in the tradition of Vamachara. It is said that she likes the leftover food and pollution. It is also said that her sadhana doesn’t require any specific place or time. Only Kali and Matangi have this contingency of performing sadhana at any time and at any place.

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