Meditation, what secret it holds?

What is meditation

What is meditation, in reality?

Meditation like many of them think, is not a thing that has to be done forcibly or as a mandatory thing. Meditation is not about controlling thoughts. It is like observing a flow. Meditation in reality, is sitting on the bank of a river and watching the flow, raising, slowing down, changes in the course, every time new and fresh. Likewise one has to observe the flow of thoughts that occur when we close our eyes and try meditation. That is why the gurus or vigorous practitioners of meditation ask the newbies to observe the flow of breath that enters our body and goes out, inhalation and exhalation.

1. What happens during meditation? 

When we start meditating, we tend to lose concentration and very frequently go with a thought. The actual process, as said before, we gradually know how to observe the flow but not to go with the flow. Meditation helps us to gain control over the mind and not to succumb to the emotions that accompany thoughts.  as it consists of focusing on the flow, increases concentration enough to observe keen detailing in any thing in this world. This facilitates quick learning. Thus one becomes fully aware of the surroundings and this gives the meditation practitioner a clear understanding of how world operates. This is a chain reaction type of happening that occurs due to meditation. Meditative state extends to a situation in which you doesn’t need to keep observing things or flow of thoughts. It happens on its own and the meditation practitioner becomes wise. Meditation is a science of better observation and understanding oneself better and connecting with the world.

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