Nrusimha Jayanthi 2023 | Narasimha Swamy Jayanti 2023 Date & Muhurt

Narasimha Swami Jayanti 2023
Nrusimha Swamy Jayanthi 2023

Nrusimha Swamy Jayanthi

“Vaishakasuklapakshethu chaturdasyaam samaachareth,

Majjanmasambhavam punyam vratham paapapranaashanam”

Lord Narasimha said to prahlada that “if you worship me on the day of vaishaka sukla chaturdasi all the sins which you have made will be diminished”.

The Story of Narasimha Avatar

Jaya vijaya are the two guardians of Sri Maha Vishnu’s residence i.e., Vaikuntam. They are great devotees of Vishnu. One day sanakasanandanas came to visit lord Vishnu. That is the time where lord Vishnu take rest. So jaya and vijaya had stopped them. Those frustrated maharishis cursed jaya and vijaya to live as a common man on the earth. They requested maharishis to take back the curse. They said that it is their duty and they haven’t done any sort of mistake.

Incarnation of Jaya and Vijaya

Maharishis got calmed and said that we can’t take our curse back. You should take birth as devotees of lord Vishnu for 7 births or as the enemies of lord Vishnu for 3 births. Jaya and vijaya thought that than being as devotees for 7 births it is better to be as enemies of lord Vishnu for 3 births and die in his hands.

Those two ladies took birth as hiranyaksha and hiranyakashyapa in their 1st birth, as ravana and kumbakarna in their 2nd birth and as sishupalaa and danthavaktra in their 3rd birth. In kurth yug those two took birth as hiranyaksha and hiranyakashyapa for dethi and kashyapas couple. They both done meditations and took many boons. As they gained many powers they became very proud. To stop their annoyance lord Vishnu kills hiranyaksha incarnating varaha avatar.

Hiranya Kashyapaa’s Rivalry – Prahlada’s Devotion

Hiranya Kashyapa increased hostility (grudge) over lord Vishnu as he had killed his brother. He done penance (meditation) and received boon that he will not die though he is killed on earth, sky, water, fire, air, day, night, in his residence, outside or by wild animals, water animals, snakes, deities, human beings. Hiranya Kashyapa has four sons. Prahlada is the eldest of four sons. He became the devotee of lord Vishnu when he is in the womb. Hiranya Kashyapa couldn’t bear as his son used to pray lord Vishnu all the time. He tried a lot to stop him devoting lord Vishnu, but fails. Finally Hiranya Kashyapa decides to kill his son Prahlada.

The Emergence of Lord Narsimha

Prahlada got escaped a lot of times form the punishments allotted by his father. Lord Vishnu was with him all the time. Hiranya kashyapa hinged him to kill his son. He banged a pillar and asked prahlada lo call his lord.

Lord Vishnu came out of the pillar. Half part of the body was like human and half of the body was like a ferocious lion as lord ugra Narsimha. He made hiranya kashyapa sleep on his laps and lacerated him with his nails at the time which is neither morning nor afternoon in the place where it is neither land nor sky. Later Prahlada appeased lord Narsimha with his prayers.

Namo Narasimha

In this way lord narsimha incarnated on ‘chaturdasi’ the day before vaishakha pournima. We celebrate the auspicious festival “Sri Nrusimha Jayanthi” on this holy day.

Ugraveeram mahaavishnum jvalantham sarvathomukham|

Nrusimham bheshanam bhadram mruthyumruthyum namaamyaham||


Narasimha Jayanti 2023 Date

Narasimha Jayanti on 4th, May 2023 (Thursday)

Narasimha Jayanti Muhurat

Narasimha Jayanti Sayana Kala Puja Time – 04:19 PM to 06:58 PM
Duration – 02 Hours 40 Mins

Narasimha Jayanti Madhyahna Sankalp Time – 10:59 AM to 01:39 PM
Chaturdashi Tithi Begins – 11:49 PM on May 03, 2023
Chaturdashi Tithi Ends – 11:44 PM on May 04, 2023

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