Many of the rivers and lakes took place their birth near Sahyadri mountains.

The Nativity of the river Krishna also took place near these Sahyadri mountains only. Lord Siva had enlightened the significance of river Krishna to his son Subrahmanya Swami.

The perceptive sage Narada had spread the importance of the river Krishna to many scholars, philosophers, and sages on the Earth.

Asthadasha Puranas were engraved by the sage Veda Vyas in which skaandapuranam is the thirteenth one. The sixth samhitha contains sanathkumara khandam in which the importance of river Krishna has been carved. The story behind the origin river Krishna is in this way.


1. Source of River Krishna

The most picturesque and excellent looking Western Ghats which contains Sahyadri mountains at its final stage, Lord Vishnu had instructed Lord Brahma to generate the world.

The Lord Brahma said “Ananthaa..! Achyutha..! I attend your words. But the whole world is based on my creation only. So please give rise to something which doesn’t terminate the righteousness and charity in the world. Then Lord Vishnu had initiated river Krishna from left side of his body. Due to this reason river Krishna is said to be “Krishna Krishnangasambhutha Janthunaam Papahaarini.”

Later Lord Brahma had espoused river Krishna as his daughter. From the then river, Krishna had been renowned as Bramhaputrika.

Times to time the sins are being proliferated all over the country due to the consequences of Kali. Seeing this entire Lord Vishnu had incarnated Vasudeva, Pradyumna, Anirudha and Sankarshana avatar to amputate the dishonesties and ordered Lord Brahma to entrust river Krishna to the world.

Then all the deity’s including Lord Vishnu went behind Lord Brahma to place river Krishna. When they were looking for a place to set down river Krishna they found a sage sahyamahaamuni meditating in a shape of a mountain. Then Lord Vishnu exclaimed “oh! Sage, what is the use of such staggering meditation? The very precious river Krishna is with me. This river fulfills the wishes of the people whatever they desire to” listening to this sahyamahaamuni urged Lord Vishnu and replied “O Prabhu! It’s my pleasure to have you here. I’ll worship goddesses Krishna with a lot of attention, so please show gratitude towards me.”

Then goddesses Krishna retorted sahyamahaamuni that “Oh sage! Your meditation has been accomplished. I shall dwell on you and make the world genuine and wholesome”. Later all the gods left the place.

Lord Vishnu had embodied as swethaswatha tree on Sahyadri mountains. River Krishna uses to stay at the secretive part of that tree.

And later Brahma revered Lord Vishnu and swabbed his legs with waters of viraja and got rid of the sin put by Goddess Saraswathi.


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