Ramayana is also called The Great Tale of Sita



Kaavyam Ramayana Krutsnam Seetayascharitam Mahat

Poulastya Vadhamityeva Chakaara Charita Vratah

These are the words said by the writer of Ramayana, Sri Valmiki himself. As per the above sloka there are two more names for Ramayana; Sitayascharitam Mahat which translates in to The Great Tale of Sita and Poulastyavadha, the Killing of Poulastya or Ravana.

Ramayana is famous with its name but the importance of the epic lies in another name, The Great Tale of Sita. All the way we see Rama as the perfect, virtuous and sacrificial man and we worship him as God.

But the epic has the other name which attributes well, that is Sitayascharitam Mahat or the Great Tale of Sita. Yes, Ramayana is the great tale of her excellency Sita. Sita equally had all the suffering along with Rama. Sita as a daughter, wife and mother, set an unbeatable example for the whole world. She was a great warrior too.

At her tender age she lifted the holy bow of Shiva with single hand, which many kings failed to lift with their muscular hands at the time of swayamvaram. She is a powerful, merciful, dutiful and compassionate woman, though she is a direct incarnation of Sri Maha Lakshmi. Being a princess she went barefoot with her husband Rama, wearing loin cloth. Sita did not ask anything from Rama except his love and dearness.

She was put to test after the killing of Ravana for her chastity. She stood every bitter word and deed against her. Sita was sent away to forests following the opinion of a common man of Rama’s kingdom. She accepted every good and bad, came along her way. No doubt Rama is the embodiment of good virtues and been an excellent king, but Sita is the one who left everything behind for the love of Rama. She suffered silently.

She bore two kids namely Lava and Kusha and groomed them into virtuous, courageous and the most loveable. Where Rama stood for his perfection as a king, Sita set the best example of pure love and dedication. That is why the name The Great Tale of Sita is apt for the epic than Ramayana.

Jai Sri Sita _/\_


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