Save the beauty of your skin like this….

Save the beauty of your skin like this….

Skin is the most important contributing factor of one’s beauty. Skin protects our body from dust, heat and dangerous light and every outer thing. We must also take care and protect our skin from different outer and inner ailment causing factors. There are excellent natural remedies to safeguard skin and restore its smoothness and beauty.

This is an everyday process or this has to be done at least twice a week. Skin mirrors our health status, so drink more water to keep it rejuvenated. Healthy food habits keep skin glowing and smooth. Wear proper clothing to save your skin from pollution which is the main contributing factor of skin diseases and allergies.

This is a three way cleansing system. At the first stage clean your skin with mild scrub. This removes dead cells on the skin. Wash gently with warm water and dry it with a soft towel. Then apply thick mask of mashed papaya or over ripened banana pulp. Keep it for some time and clean it off. Then wash your face with Sunni Pindi (Herbal bath powder) or a chemical free soap. This makes pores of the skin open. Now apply a body friendly moisturizer or moisturizing oil. Do it twice a week and your skin will be saved from dust allergies and melanoma. Skin will become free from pimples and acne.


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