Shivopaasana Mantra


Shivopaasana Mantra
Shivopaasana Mantra

Shivopaasana Mantra

SivOpaasana maMtraM (mahaa naaraayaNOpanishad^)

nidhapatayae nama@h nidhanapataaMtikaaya nama@h
oordhvaaya nama@h oordhvaliMgaaya nama@h
hiraNyaaya nama@h hiraNyaliMgaaya nama@h
suvarNaaya nama@h suvarNaliMgaaya nama@h
divyaaya nama@h divyaliMgaaya nama@h
bhavaaya nama@h bhavaliMgaaya nama@h
Sarvaaya nama@h SarvllaliMgaaya nama@h
Sivaaya nama@h SivaliMgaaya nama@h
jvalaaya nama@h jvalaliMgaaya nama@h
aatmaaya nama@h aatmaliMgaaya nama@h
paramaaya nama@h paramaliMgaaya nama@h

eetat^ sOmasya sooryasya sarvaliMgagha sthaapayati paaNi maMtraM pavitraM


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