Should we make offering to the Priests in temples ?

offering to the Priests

offering to the Priests

Should we make offering (Dakshina) to the Priest when we go to temples

There is no compulsion that one has to essentially give “Dakshina” (offering) to a priest in the temple.  But, what is wrong in offering to a priest who spends day in and day out in the service of God. We need money for everything and anything. In the olden days, there used to be “Zamindari” system wherein the zamindars and Kings used to take care of the priests. In today’s changed world, the number of people who are making offerings to the priests has gone down drastically and as a natural course to meet their needs, the priests are demanding more for performing various rituals and poojas.

It should not be a burden to offer Rs 10/- to a priest when we go to a temple occasionally in an age when we incur anything around Rs 100/- to serve a meal to the guests at our home. Therefore, put aside the doubts whether we should make offerings to a temple priest or not. Go ahead and offer to your ability.


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