Significance of Manipuraka Chakra or Naval Chakra

Significance of Manipuraka Chakra

Significance of Manipuraka Chakra

Manipuraka chakra or Solar Plexus or Navel Chakra is located at the centre of the body where navel presents. This chakra denoted by a downward faced triangle with ten petals. This charka is connected to the energy of digestion and assimilation. This chakra affects the metabolism of digestive system.

Manipuraka chakra shines like a gem and it is related to will power, motivation, self identify and creative relationships. The deity resides in Manipuraka Chakra is Rudra and Laakini is the shakti present. Manipuraka chakra contains all the vital energies of the body and circulation starts from here.

The colour of Manipuraka chakra is yellow and the seed syllable associated to this chakra is Ram. The activation of Manipuraka Chakra gives the practitioner the ability to control fire element.


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