Significance of Meena Sankranti | Why and How it is Celebrate?

Significance of Meena Sankranti
Significance of Meena Sankranti – Why and How it is Celebrate?

Meena Sankranti Significance

This is an exceptionally propitious event when the sun travels from Pisces to Aries or from Aquarius to Pisces. The best feature of this celebration is giving philanthropy and gifts. The point of commending this occasion is to get the gifts of sun god for the welfare and success of people and families.

The strict importance of the word Sankranti implies development or change. In a run of the mill year, there are twelve Sankranti’s when the Sun moves from one zodiac sign to the next. Regardless of the territorial varieties, this celebration denotes an event to revive and energize oneself with great exercises and taking part in heavenly acts.


1. What is Sankranti Concept?

The term Sankranti is accomplished by amalgamating two sounds, in particular, Sam and Kranti meaning consecrated development. The development of sun from one zodiac sign to alternate denotes the start of a month in the Hindu date-book. Sun is the wellspring of all issue, vitality and life on the earth. We get our sustenance just from the sun and in this way, it is our prime obligation to pass on our appreciation to the sun god.

Along these lines, the start of consistently is separate by our predecessors to recollect sun and make the thanks giving on this day calling it Sankranti. On the off chance that it isn’t conceivable to do it on all Sankrantis, it is sufficient in the event that it is loyally done on the last Sankranti of the year in a way saying thanks to the sun god for every one of the favors got consistently, which likewise sets one up for the following month.

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