Tomorrow- Significance of Sankashtahara Chaturdi

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Sankashtahara Chaturdi

Sankashtahara Chaturdi

సంకష్టహర చతుర్థి ఎప్పుడు? ఆ రోజు పాటించవలసిన ముఖ్య నియమములు ఏమిటి?

Sankashtahara Ganapathi Vratam is the best and most effective among all types of worship done to Lord Ganesh. Specific day to do this Vrata is known to occur only once in approximately seven years. The occurrence is a rare combination and a simultaneous incidence of Magha masa, Krishna Paksha ( a fortnight before the new moon day), Chaturthi Tithi, Tuesday, and the time of Rising of the moon.



  1. Wake up before sunrise, have a bath and complete the daily worship of a favorite deity.
  2. Then prąy to Lord Ganesha and make a wish (Sankalpam) to do Sankashtahara Ganapathi Vrata.
  3. Fast for the whole day and have sacred thoughts all day.
  4. In the evening bath with the powder made from seeds of white sesame and gooseberry (Tilamalaka churna).
  5. Make an idol of Lord Ganesha either with mud or turmeric powder. And prąy him to come and stay in that idol (Avahanam).
  6. Worship Lord Ganapathi with Dhoopa, Deepa and flowers. Worshiping with Durva is most important and mandatory.
  7. One can worship Lord Ganapathi with Durva twigs having three, five or seven leaves. We can worship with 21 or more twigs and at least one.
  8. Chant any Ganesha mantra for at least 48 minutes.
  9. Offer Nivedya and Harathi to Lord Ganesha.
  10. Complete puja by the rise of the moon.
  11. Compulsorily see the moon. Prąy to the moon and Chaturthi Tithi and give Arghya to both.
  12. After that, prąy to Lord Ganapathi and say “sankaTaam maam nivaaraya” and ask him to relieve from all troubles, give Arghya.
  13. Then offer Prasada to the devotees and take yourself.
  14. All through the night, one should be awake with chanting and worshiping Lord Ganapathi.
  15. Next day morning prąy to Lord Ganesha and thank him for giving this opportunity to worship and prąy to return from the idol (Udyapanam).
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