SRI ANNAPURNA DEVI – Day 4 Dasara Alankarana




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Thursday ,Ashwayuja suddha Panchami, Shashthi

Decoration of SRI ANNAPURNA DEVI on 4th day (moon + guru ) 

Brown(wheat-colored) saree (sun)

Appalu nivedhan (Prasad) (Rahu ) 

Ghee rice ( sukra )

White flowers (Moon + Venus)

Who should do it? Why? How to do it? 

On the fifth day, the goddess is adorned as Sri Annapurna Devi and by offering brown(wheat colored saree, reciting the mantras, a garland of white flowers, and appalu along with ghee rice helps in attaining the grace of holy goddess Annapurna Devi. The devotees will be free of the doshas caused by Moon and mental afflictions will also be removed.

Devotees will gain great knowledge, intelligence, and timeliness.
Those who suffer from fertility problems will have children.
Irritability caused during the completion of tasks will be disappeared.
There will be prosperity.
Those who strive for positional movement in the profession will find their efforts to be successful.
Relieves unnecessary financial expenses in daily life.
The severity of the Sarpa Dosha in the horoscope decreases.
Life goes smoothly without a deficit to the minimum requirements in life.
Mainly worshipping this goddess will work well for the vendors involved in travel, foodstuffs, silver and cereal business, and for those with a dream to have children.

Repeat the following mantras at least 108 times or 1008 times as per possibility

anna purne sada purne samkara prana vallabhe
gnaana vairagya siddhyardham bhikshaam dehicha paarvatheee..

dhadhi samkha tushaarambham ksheerodhaarnava sambhavam
namaami sasinam soomam sambhormakuta bhushanam

Hreem sreem kleem om namoo bhagavathyannapurnesi
mamaabhilashitha mahidevyannam svaahaaa …..

Devaanaamcha rusheenaamcha gurum kaamchana sannibham
buddhimamtham trilokesam tham namaami bruhaspathim


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