Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi – Day 2 Dasara Alankarana


Sri Bala Tripura Sundari Devi

27/09/2022 – Tuesday

Ashwayuja Suddha Vidiya

Yellow colour saree (Guru Graha ) 

Panchadara(Sugar) Nivedhan (Prasad) (Venus + Moon) 

Daddojanam(Curd rice)

Hreemkaaraasana garbhitaanala sikhaam sou kleem kalaam bhibhratheem
souvarnaambara dhaareem ,varasudhaadouthaam trinetrojjvalaam
vamde pusthaka paasamamkusadharaam sragbhushithaamujvalaam
thaamgoureem tripuraam paraatpara kalaam sreechakra samchaarineem .

Who should do it? Why? How to do it?

On the second day, the goddess is decorated as Sri Bala Tripura Sundari and by offering a Yellow Saree, Sugar or Rice Payasam and Daddojanam can clear the dosha caused by Planet Mercury (Budha) in the horoscope gives good knowledge. The obstacles in studies will be removed and will achieve good development.

Those who often face difficulties in competitive exams will overcome them and those who have disputes over property matters will be relieved from them. People who are suffering from nerve problems or severe skin issues will be relieved. The conflicts between close relatives will be cleared and business problem will be eliminated. One can see good growth in their business.

Besides everything, it is strongly believed that those who are in divine or mystical worship at this time will attain astonishing and surprising results by worshiping, reciting the mantras and offering prasad to the Goddess.

Also those who received guru mantra on this day will get good results by worshiping the goddess and chanting the mantras.

If there is an opportunity, one can get outstanding results by donating new clothes to a  little girl who is below 10years considering her as the goddess.
(But it would be even better if we could donate to those who are really in need of those clothes.)

Mantra to Recite : 

The mantra “Om Aim Hreem Shree Bala Tripura Sundaryainamonamah” should be chanted 5,000 times or at least 108 times.

Those who have the chance can recite Sri Lalita Trisati Strotramu or Sri Tripura Sundari Strotramu.

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