Sri Rama Navami, the birthday of a perfect man

Sri Rama Navami

Sri Rama Navami


2. What to do on the day or Sri Rama Navami?

One has to get up early in the morning

Oil bath should be taken and new cloths are to be worn

One must visit the temple of Sri Rama and Sita or at least the temple of Lord Hanuman

Every Hindu must attend the holy discourses on Ramayana which happens this day in every temple of Rama

Panakam or Jaggery water along with pepper and Vadapappu has to be distributed to the devotees at the temples

Observe the Kalyana Mahotsavam of Sri Rama and Sita which happens on a great note this day

One must do Rama Japam whole day as chanting of his name destroys all the sins and gives moksha

Jai Sri Ram _/\_

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