Sri Swarnakavacha Durgadevi (Shailaputri) – Day 1 Dasara Alankarana


Decoration of Sri Swarnakavacha Durgadevi (Shailaputri)

26/09/2022 Monday, Ashwayuja Suddha Padyami, 

First-day decoration details – Sri Swarnakavacha Durgadevi (Shailaputri: Rahu)

Red saree – Planet Mars(Kuja Graha)

Cow ghee Nivedhan – Planet Venus (Sukra Graha)

Pongali/Pulagam – Planet Saturn(Shani graha)

Who should do it? Why should they do it? And how to do it?

On the day of Padyami, the goddess is decorated as Shailaputri and by offering a red saree, Cow ghee and Pongal/Pulagam can clear the Kuja Dosha in one’s horoscope. So the unmarried, especially women will get married without any delay and will be blessed with a good life partner/Spouse. And those who are already married and experiencing disturbances in their married life(both men and women) will be relieved from them. In the case of the Newlyweds, they will be blessed with marital happiness.

With Planet Mars being weak in the horoscope, the naturally occurring rage, stubbornness, and self-loathing will subside after offering to the goddess. Those who strive for offspring will be blessed with healthy male offspring. This works as a great remedy for those with self-hatred and panic attacks.

Mantra’s to recite:

Om Dum Durgaai Namaha !!

Om Sri Matha Durga Devi Namonamah !!

Sarvamangala Mangalye Shive Sarvartha Sadhike

Sharanye Triambake Gauri Narayani Namostuthe !!

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