Tantra in daily life…!


India is a country of tradition, devotion, spirituality and many enigmas which today’s science cannot understand. There are many practitioners of spirituality in many different ways. Tantra Shastra is one of them. Many mistake tantra that it is black magic. It is a firm NO. Tantra is an extreme practice of utter spirituality. It is more inclined towards knowing yourself and mingling yourself with the world. Like vedic rituals, Tantric rituals also have rigid rules and regulations to be followed strictly. As they are extremely powerful and quick result oriented, Tantra Shastra is forbidden to common people. Only specialists will pursue those tantric practices.

Tantra in daily life

Apart from this we follow tantra in daily life. Wondering how! We might have heard about evil eye effect called as Dishti or Drushti. What our good old people do is to pick a hand full of rock salt along with some red chillis, take them around the head, spit in the salt and throw it outside the house towards east. This is a tantra prayogam (Tantric Practice) to remove evil eye effect. We tie a big Pumpkin to the main door to protect the house from the evil eye. We tie a lemon and dried red chillis or black twine with small sea shells to our vehicles so as to remove the effect of evil eye.

If we observe households in villages, we find different kinds of geometric patterns drawn in front of the main door. Those are yantras mentioned in Tantra Shastra. These geometric patterns called Rangolis or Muggu in Telugu will project positive energy and also prevent reptiles entering in to house. We are accustomed to follow tantra in our daily life in a simple way. Tantra is a wonderful science of controlling and manipulating the surroundings with the help of five elements like fire, water, earth, air and ether. This is a secret science and to those who know oneself the Tantra Shastra bestows highest orders of knowledge and makes the person invincible. So is the power of Tantra Shastra. Let us know more about tantra shastra at hariome.com


Jai Maha Kali


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