The Power Behind The Devi Mantra – Sarva Mangala Mangalye

Devi Mantra
Devi Mantra

Devi Mantra

In this post, let us understand the meaning of the renowned Devi mantra.

Sarva-Mangala-Maangalye Shive Sarvaartha-Saadhike
Sharannye Triambake Gauri Naaraayanni Namostute

Welcome to you O Narayani; Who is the positiveness in all the auspicious, one who is so auspicious herself and has all auspicious qualities.
The provider of protection, the one with 3 eyes and a beautiful face; We salute you, O Narayani.

When to chant Sarva Mangala Mangalyae –Devi mantra?

Devi mantra can be chanted 108 times per day, after a bath and lighting a ghee lamp for Maa Durga.

What are the benefits of Devi mantra?

Maa Durga is known to bestow health, wealth, prosperity and offer protection to the devotee who chants this mantra with devotion. Devi mantra, when chanted regularly, imparts wisdom, strength and a prosperous life.

Goddess Narayani is also known to be the power behind Lord Vishnu.


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