The process of doing ganesh pooja on vinayaka chavithi for the people who are facing marital problems.

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ganesh pooja on vinayaka chavithi

Ganesh pooja on Vinayaka chavithi

There are different types of marital problems which are listed below.

  • Late or delayed marriages
  • Problems faced after marriage life.
  • Quarrels between wife and husband.

There will be many reasons to mention if we keep on writing about them.

What would be the reason behind these problems?

By which planets influence we get such type of problems?

Do the previous births sins and curses give an impact on marriage life?

We will get to know about these questions deeply in the next post.

Presently we will get to know about the tantric compensations which give us relief on Vinayaka chavithi.

The impact of lord Kuja and lord Sukra will be substantial in the marital life. So on the day of Vinayaka chavithi, we have to wake up at the time of bramhi muhurta (early hours) and clean the flooring using cow’s urine (gomuthram), raw salt and turmeric powder added in some water.

We have to take a banana leaf and put some jasmine flowers or any white flowers which have a good fragrance. Place the idol of lord Ganesha on that leaf. We should decorate the idol using a garland of oleander flowers or Marie gold flowers and rudraksha mala.


Dumplings (kudumulu), undrallu (made up of rice ravva), milk rice mixed with sugar, vada, lemon rice, sweet made using sesame and jaggery (chimmili), 9 rice balls mixed with pickle all these types of items should be offered with great devotion and those should be distributed to everyone. Later we have to take the blessing of elders.

The persons who have possibility should feed cow at mandeshwara muhurta means from 07:05 to 07:49 with soaked sesame, lentils, horse gram and urad dal.

Later we have to visit the temple and hoard a piece of jaggery and eat that Prasad after coming to the house. We have to do this for 5 days. This gives us a good result.


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