Things start to make sense about the Ancient Culture


Finally, when things start to make sense about the ancient culture:

  1. Washrooms are constructed far away from home.
  2. People are supposed to enter the house, leaving their footwear outside and only after washing their hands, feet, and face. 
  3. Turmeric is applied to all the entrance thresholds (Gadapa) of the house. 
  4. Our elders used to clean and wash the house frequently. 
  5. Rangoli is drawn with white clay or chalk (As the ore released from calcium could kill some deadly virus)
  6. Food is cooked only after taking a bath. 
  7. Elders used to restrict eating something without washing hands and habits like nail-biting, keeping fingers in mouth, etc. 
  8. People who didn’t bathe are considered unholy and not allowed to do the household chores. 
  9. Sneezing before someone going out is considered Ominous and are supposed to sit for a while(Reason: When one sneeze, the air spread virus or bacteria will take some time to reach the ground and to stay for a while can avoid the chances of transmission to others)
  10. When people used to greet each other with formal Namaste avoiding handshake. 
  11. Turmeric is used in all the curries. 
  12. Adding food items like pepper rasam and fenugreek gravy to the menu at least once a month
  13. Using castor oil for a total body massage at least once in 6months. 
  14. People used to follow Asoucha or Asoucham for 11days after the birth or death of family members(to avoid people from getting infected)

Every ritual our elders followed has a reason, and there will be an unending list if we dig. So, following ancient rituals and cultures is considered equally important just as much as evolving technology. 

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