Tips for Better Sleep

  1. Do not sleep alone in a lonely house. Do not even sleep in the temple and cemetery. (Manusmriti)
  2. One shouldn’t wake up someone all of a sudden (Vishnusmriti)
  3. It is okay to wake up someone who is sleeping for a long time if they are a student, servant, and janitor (Chanakya Nithi)
  4. Healthy people should wake up during Brahma Muhurtam for their protection (Devi Bhagavatam). Do not sleep in a completely dark room (Padma Purana)
  5. Do not sleep with wet feet. Sleeping with dry feet gives access to Lakshmi (money) (Atri Smriti). It is forbidden to lie on a broken bed and with a foul-smelling mouth (Mahabharata)
  6. Do not lie naked and undressed (Gautama Dharma Sutra)
  7. Sleeping with the head facing east results in education, sleeping with the head facing west results in worries, sleeping with the head facing north results in harm and death. And sleeping with his head facing south results in wealth and longevity (Achara Mayukh)
  8. Never sleep during the day. But in the Jyeshta month, people sleep during one muhurta (48 minutes). Daytime sleepiness is a cause of illness, as well as infertility.
  9. Those who sleep during the day till sunrise and sunset become sick and poor (Brahma Vaivartapurana)
  10. One should only sleep about 3hrs after a sunset
  11. Lying on the left side helps in healing.
  12. One should never sleep facing their legs towards the south as Yama and the evil forces reside there. Putting the legs in a southerly direction fills the ears with air, and the blood supply to the brain slows down. One will be surrounded by Forgetfulness, death, or innumerable diseases.
  13. Do not sleep with your hand on your chest or cross-legged.
  14. Do not eat or drink on the bed.
  15. One should never read a book lying. It can lead to blur eyesight.
  16. Those who follow these rules will become successful, healthy, and long-lived.

Hare Krishna

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