Trataka – A secret yogic practice…!

Trataka - A secret yogic practice..
What is Trataka

What is Trataka?

Trataka is one of the most uncelebrated yogic art. Trataka involves gazing with eyes. This may seem simple but when practised it makes us sharp sighted and bestows us with great power of concentration at its best. The meaning of Trataka means to gaze continuously. This practice is found in the yogic scripture Hatha Yoga Pradipika.

What is written is, Looking intently with an unwavering gaze at a small point until tears are shed, is known as trataka by the acharyas.


1. What are the types of Trataka?

There are mainly two types of Trataka namely Bahiranga and Antaranga. Bahiranga Trataka is gazing at a point or continuous flame of a lamp. Antaranga Trataka is creating an imagery of a fixed point and concentrating on it with closed eyes. Better say it as inner visualisation of an object. Antaranga sadhana follows Bahiranga sadhana. Bahiranga sadhana is used as a stepping stone to antaranga sadhana. Gazing at an external object or flame creates an internal vision which appears when we close our eyes.

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