Tri Mukhi Rudraksha – The embodiment of fire power



Tri Mukhi or Three Faced Rudraksha

Tri Mukhi or three faced Rudraksha is said to be the aspect of God of fire or Agni Deva. It has the power of destroying all the sins of the wearer and make him pure as fire does. Mars or Kuja is the ruling planet of this three faced rudraksha. One should wear this on Monday. This should be worn after performing Rudrabhishekam to Lord Shiva. Trimukhi Rudraksha when worn around neck enhances the creative side of the brain. This Rudraksha soothes the soul and helps in cultivating calm and clear mind.

Benefits of wearing Trimukhi Rudraksha

Helps in getting rid of hurting memories

Increases self esteem and self confidence

Good for memory loss and epilepsy

Minimises blood pressure and enhances physical strength


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