Ujjain Poorna Kumbh Mela – The holy gathering of divine beings

Ujjain Kumbh Mela
Ujjain Poorna Kumbh Mela

ఉజ్జయనీ పూర్ణ కుంభమేళా

Ujjain Poorna Kumbh Mela

2. How is the timing of Poorn Kumbh Mela decided?

The timing of Kumbh Mela is decided as per the planetary motions of Sun and Jupiter or Brihaspathi. The occasion when Sun enters Mesha Rashi or Aries and Jupiter enters Simha Rashi or Leo is being celebrated as Poorn Kumbh Mela at Ujjain for the river of Kshipra. This is also called as Simhastha Kumbh Mela. This kumbh mela comes for every 12 years.

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