Undrallataddi comes in the month of Bhadrapada, bhahulapaksha (new moon arrival) on tadiya thithi. On this day women do pooja and vrath which is called undrallataddi nomu or 16 kudumula (dumplings) vratham. Lord Shiva has described the importance of this vrath to Parvathi Devi. This vrath is to be performed for five years.

Undrallataddi is a festival which is done by the unmarried woman to get married quickly, and the married women do this festival for lifelong happiness for their family and her aidavatanam (5th empowerment).

Parvathi Devi also accomplished this wrath and obtained lord Shiva as her husband.

  1. The importance behind this vrath.

Once upon a time there lived a moll (prostitute), she used to earn money being with rich people. Decisively the king also got attracted to her beauty. Likewise, she obtained a lot of money.

One day some women were doing this undrallataddi vartham at her place. They suggested the moll to do the vratham. She didn’t want to do as her mind entirely diverged with proud as she was having a lot of money and she was not having belief in God. She criticized the woman who was doing the vratham.

Due to this, her whole wealth got vanished in few days. Her beauty got reduced. The king also left her. She felt sombre and finally went near sages and explained the matter. “You didn’t perform the vrath though you know about it. That’s the reason you are facing these problems. So you perform the vrath this time” suggested the maharishis. Listening to them she accomplished the vrath.

A sense of devotion developed for her. She felt appalling and got to know that her profession is wicked.

The story tells that she gets realised and inform the importance of undrallataddi to everyone.

From that time this vrath came into existence.


1. The process of doing vrath

The day before undrallataddi i.e., bhadrapada bahula vidiya – UNDRALLATADDI BHOGI

On this day we have to wake up early in the morning, do head bath and pray goddess Gowri Devi. We have to eat gongura (gogu, Mesta) pickle, sesame powder, onion rasam, and curd with leftover rice. Also, we have to put mehendi on our hands and legs. We have to swing the artsy.

On the day of undrallataddi, we have to wake up early in the morning and do the head bath.

We have to put Gowri Devi in pooja mandir or pooja peeth. Gowri Devi can be in the form of idol, photo or should be made using turmeric.

First, we should pray Lord Vinayaka and then followed by Gowri Devi. And rice balls (undrallu) should be kept as offerings.

We have to tie a thread which contains five knots. Later we have to give this undrallu to five ladies and take their blessings.

After the completion of the pooja, we have to eat the Prasad undrallu. And we should eat gogu pickle, sesame powder, and onion rasam for sure in lunch. It is preferable to do pooja again in the evening.

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