When festival of lights turned into nightmare of BLOOD bath

Why Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa cannot celebrate Deepavali.

tipu sultan

The reason for it dates back to that fateful day in the late 18th century when the “secular” Tipu Sultan unleashed his “tolerance” towards his subjects including women and children.

While the Mysore Kingdom was gearing up for Deepavali preparations, Tipu Sultan received some information from his messengers who suspected that one of his Ministers (Tirumalai Iyengar) might be conspiring against him by helping his rivals. This was enough to enrage Tipu Sultan, who decided to seek revenge against this Minister (even before anything could be confirmed/verified). And what was the revenge? A mass-scale genocide of the entire caste (Mandyam Brahmins) that Minsiter belonged to!! Since most of the Mandyam Brahmins resided in Melkote town in his kingdom, it became his prime target.

On the auspicious day of Naraka Chaturdashi, an army of blood-hungry troops led by Tipu Sultan stormed into Melkote and within hours, more than 800 Mandyam Iyengers, including women & children were slaughtered in cold blood under broad daylight. A few who managed to survive fled to other towns, and nobody dared to return as long as Tipu was alive, turning Melkote into a ghost town for next few years.

The day of celebration turned into a day of mourning for Mandyam Iyengars. Ever since, they have refused to celebrate Deepavali, as a mark of their protest against Tyrant Tipu Sultan.

Tamil Nadu CM Jayalalithaa is one one of the popular personalities who belong to Mandyam Iyengars, and just like other Mandyam Iyengars, she also follows the tradition of refusing to enjoy Deepavali celebration.

If you have friends from Mandyam Iyengar community, you can find out these facts for yourself. Or you can visit the website of their community where they have mentioned this fact and the reason why they do not celebrate Deepavali.


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