(Let Sanskrit Be Spoken In Each And Every House Again)

It is strange,pathetic and shameful on the part of all those concerned to enabling the children of intermediate class , with special reference to both the Telengana and Andhra states, to prefer Sanskrit as the language in lieu of Telugu just for the reason that the children start it from alphabets and hence no burden on them.More over it will fetch 90% to 98% of marks.My guess is that there are 75 million students studying Sanskrit in India; however, are learning nothing.  If India really cares about its classical heritage, it needs to figure a way to improve its teaching this great language..

Students flock to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IIT); they acquire PhDs, but mostly they become businessmen or big organisations of the like.; they don’t grow up to become scholars.If this class and cream of professional scholars are exposed to Sanskrit  the fund of wisdom they encompass will be beyond calculations. Everybody cares about science and management. Then who is going to care his own mother tongue and it’s mother Sanskrit. Money and status are not all that is required for an individual, one can eat only to the extent he can consume for which some earning is required which includes shelter and clothing.Why the rest of the money God only Knows.  As regards status it will prevail as long as one is active in the society after which no body cares. So my request is to pay a little attention to read these few lines and give a reasonable thought to them.There is a famous line in the Ramayana, where Vibhishana says to Ravana  that there are many people who speak trash to please  but how many people will tell  what is true as they know that it sounds bitter.

Sanskrit is not actually to  learn but to earn with sky as the limit. It can be compared to sky. The more you go up the more it goes up. To obtain profundity in that language one has to first acquire adequate knowledge in his mother tongue. After all Sanskrit is the mother of all languages. This has to come from childhood and parents , special reference to mother, should invariably take the responsibility of equipping him with good knowledge of the mother tongue..

Conditions that are conducive to a vibrant, creative, joyful world of Sanskrit are possible only when the child is adept at his mother tongue. In many cases, one  needs a coherent and supportive structure of patronage. 20th century had replaced the mother tongue by English which does not have structural basement as much as our native languages.

In the 21st century, we need a political environment that is open and inclusive and embodies the inclusive energies of the great Sanskrit tradition, and not a divisive exclusionary, majoritarian and unhappy environment. It can’t come out of a sense of humiliation; it has to come out of a sense of pride and joy.

Sanskrit is not the preserve of any one group but a preservative for all the groups; The committed learners will take no time to know about the beauty and richness of this language.

How to explain the growth of a global language like English? It was practically nothing in global terms, In the 13th century AD — like Latin, which was the language of a barbarian tribe in the Tiber valley. In contrast, Sanskrit was the language of religious professionals from the time immemorial.  Why do some languages rise to global status and others have their regional power and yet others have very local existences? Any Indian language has its place in their own order. Destiny may be an enigma. Language of any state special reference to South India,Bengal, Oria, Gujarti Marathi etc. of our country were being spoken more the respective population  was more than Latin,the mother of English, in the seventh century AD.  Then how this little language from Tiber Valley became a global cultural powerhouse. The simplest reason is they didn’t have an imperial army. They became the scape goats in the hands of unworthy,selfish, greedy and Hippocratic politicians.

 Deceits like Max Muller ,William Jones, Macaulay and Robert Caldwell manipulated in their own way to belittle our culture, our Land and our mother language to impose their own culture and language by injecting among us, the subjects under their rule, then. It was a slow poison that crept up in all our bodies and hence we are in an insane state now and skeptic about what way to take.
 You know even today, including all the unprint manuscripts there are more books in sanskrit than any other world languages that includes English also.Still there are innumerable number of manuscripts lying untouched, unread. Why are they not being edited and published? Who will read if they are published.My daughter  while she was in 5th or 6th standard at Holy Angels Madras, I posed a question to her “why don’t you read indian stories of our culture, She replied when our medium of education is English , we can read books in English only and thus we imbibe their culture only.” I could have an answer. I could have told that books of our culture are also there in English but there came  an advice within myself that we can not get the desired taste of laddu if it is prepared with wheat flour instead of besan.
It was the beauty of Sanskrit alankaras and chandas that interested people of China, Thailand and Java. They wanted to write Sanskrit poetry in Thai, Chinese and Javanese. The Chinese referred to it as beautiful sounds. This was in the ninth century; now people have begun to study the influence of Sanskrit poetry on Chinese. One of the things that the Murty Classical Library — being set up by Narayan Murty’s family — is that it wants to provide real evidence for India’s classical past, with the hope of dispelling fantasies about the classical past, whether it is to do with ancient surgeries or intergalactic vimanas. The Murty classical library will be providing real evidence for people around the world to get deeply into Indian cultural history on the basis of real evidence — and not on mere fantastical stories.

So, now the time has  come that we should wake up and look around what is happening and how avert the various threats posed by the beasts in human disguise.


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