What are Hasta Mudras?

What are Hasta Mudras?
What are Hasta Mudras?

What are Hasta Mudras?

There dwells scientific reasoning in the way of Hinduism and its spiritual patterns. Worshiping and spirituality in Indian way is to know yourself better that at the end you will realize, you are God and everything is in you.

Our body is a world within. There exists everything in our body including the sense of nature and resemblances of this material world.

Human body is a wonder which cannot be explained. What drives the world is what makes us live, the supreme energy (Shakti).

There is power and magnetic waves too. Magnetic waves of the body flow in and out through our finger tips.

By joining finger tips in certain manners, we can alter the flow of magnetic waves and treat ourselves of many ailments.

Different ways of finger patterns are called Hasta Mudras, we can say hand gestures.

Much importance is given to Hasta Mudras in Indian Yoga Shastras. There are so many types of Hasta Mudras that can help us stay healthy and energetic.

These Hasta Mudras can be performed at the time of meditation by which results are faster. Performing Hasta Mudras is extremely easy and also it needs great dedication to wait for the results to show up.

Here are the names of some important Hasta Mudras.

Gnana Mudra, Vaayu mudra, agni mudra, varuna mudra, pruthvi mudra, prana mudra, apana mudra, aapaana vayu mudra and much more.


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