What are the common ailments that occur as per Zodiac Signs? What are the solutions?


What are the common ailments that occur as per Zodiac Signs What are the solutions

Zodiac Signs

Everybody comes under a particular zodiac sign and the effects of different planets and their conjugations fall upon the native. Every zodiac sign has its own body type. With respect to the zodiac sign we belong to there are chances of occurrence of certain diseases. And for every problem there will be an apt solution within the system of astrology. We should put our efforts to safeguard our health and have to pray our gods and goddesses to free us from our karmas. Let us see which zodiac sign is prone to which diseases and what are the solutions available to get rid of them.

మీ జన్మ రాశిని బట్టి కలిగే అనారోగ్యాలు ఏమిటి..? వాటిని ఎలా పరిష్కరించాలి..?


1. Aries

Vata and pitta bio elements rule the bodies of the natives of Aries. There are chances of occurrence of diseases regarding kidneys, lungs and blood. Women of this zodiac sign are prone to gynecological irregularities.

Possible solutions: 

  • Regular practice of Pranayama (Yogic Breathing exercises)
  • Take turmeric with honey early morning on empty stomach
  • Reduce the intake of oily foods
  • Worship Lord Hanuman for 40 consecutive days in case of severe health problems
  • Feed dogs
  • Worship Lord Shiva with bilva patras
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