What are the ethics of Fisher Men?

Fisher Men
ethics of Fisher Men

ethics of Fisher Men

Everybody wants to escape from the punishment for the mistakes we do. Rarely do we find people who feel frankly taking punishments for the mistakes we do. By accepting mistakes honesty stands forever. All the time law boosts up people. So let us know about few fishermen who followed the same thing.

Fishermen’s Mistake

Son of Bruga Maharshi, Ayurveda pundit by name MAHA TEJOSALI CHAVYANUDU did penance for 12 years in River Ganga, River Yamuna and other rivers. During that time by accident, he was arrested in the net of Fishermen. After seeing CHAVYANA, fishermen felt bad asked apology from him. The chavyana replied that nothing is their mistake in the incident but they just did justice to the profession. He also suggested selling him equally like fish and getting money. Fisher who was shocked by his words went to king NAHUSHU and told him the incident.

Understanding between Chavyana and Nahushu

After listening all these things Nahushu was impressed by fishermen’s honesty. He went to visit Chavyana along with minister and Pundits. He requested Chavyana “Swami, these people are my people so please excuse them for their mistake, and suggest some solution for this”. Then Chavyana replied, “Pay some amount to these Fisher for their Work”.

Chavyana sale

King ordered Pundit to give them 1000 Mada’s.  Chavyana said that is not the correct rate. Then he said he will give 1lakh Mada’s. He said it is also not sufficient. King said he will give half of his kingdom. Chavyana said it is not correct. He said he will offer entire kingdom but chavyana didn’t accept for this also. While king thinking for the solution, one Maharshi by name Gavijathudu said valuing maharishi and kings is highly impossible. In the same way for cow also. So for that, he suggested paying 1 cow to Fishermen. When king offered one cow to fishermen chavyana felt happy.

Inspiring by king fishermen offered that cow to chavyana. Chavyana felt happy and blessed fishermen.

Chavyana blessing

Chavyana who was impressed by the king and asked him to ask anything. Then king replied that if chavyana is satisfied that’s enough for him. Chavyana who was impressed by kings answer blessed him with Indra post.

Moral of the story:

Fishermen proved that paying correct value to the mistake we do is the right thing. Unnecessarily we shouldn’t fire on anyone we have to solve everything peacefully.


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