What are the exact ingredients of Panchamrutam?



No Hindu ritual is complete with preparation and offering of Panchamrutam. This is a mixer of different materials and fruits. Panchamruta abhishekam is the most celebrated ritual for Hindu deities. After offering panchamrutam to deities, it is distributed among the devotees attending the ritual. Usually panchamrutam is made from the ingredients like milk and fruits available regionally. But actual panchamrutam has to be made from five amrutas (elixirs). They are cow milk, curd made from cow milk, ghee from the curd made from cow milk, honey and misri otherwise called rock sugar.

Cow milk, curd and ghee are powerful foods. Honey will give instant energy to the body. Misri and curd prevent the heat caused by cow milk and honey.

This is how its made. Many of them mix fruits like banana and grapes into This . It is a good idea and adds up to the benefits of Panchamrutam.


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