What are the rules of Vaisakha Deeksha?

Vaisakha Deeksha
Vaisakha Deeksha

Vaisakha Deeksha

Vaisakha Masam or the month of Vaisakham is prominently related to Sri Maha Vishnu and his consort Sri Maha Lakshmi. This is the month which is very much suitable for all types of rituals and charity acts. There are some rules to be followed in this Vaisakha Masam.

The following sloka from SkaandaPuraana explains the rules to be followed in Vaisakha Masa Deeksha

Thailaabhyangam Diwaaswaapam, Tathaavai Kaamsyabhojanam;                       Khatwaa Nidraam Gruhe Snaanam Nishiddhasya Cha Bhakshanam;                   Vaisakhe Varjayedashau Dwibhuktam Nakthabhojanam

One should not take oil bath in the month of Vaisakha Masam. Eating in bronze plate, sleeping in the afternoon, taking bath in the home should not be done in this holy month. One must try to take bath in the rivers, tanks or in the sea or otherwise one should chant the below sloka which invokes all the seven holy rivers in the water.

Gange-cha Yamune-chaiva, Gadavari Saraswati |                                             Narmade Sindhu Kaveri, Jale-asmin Sannidhim Kuru ||

And one should not eat food items which are banished by the holy books and should not over eat anything.

These are the rules and regulations to be followed by those who are in Vaisakha Deeksha.

Jai Matangi Maa


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