What did Lord Krishna say to gain wealth and prosperity?

Krishnastu Bhagavan Swayam
Lord Krishna say to gain wealth and prosperity

Lord Krishna say to gain wealth and prosperity

We know the Bhagavadgita, the valuable preaching of Lord Krishna, not only to Arjuna, but to everyone in this world. There are lot many teachings of Lord Krishna apart from Gita. Krishna always supported Pandavas and Draupathi was his favourite friend. Krishna stayed close to them and warded off any evil that tried to approach them. And also, he told them the secrets way to unlimited wealth and prosperity.

Krishna mentioned five things to be kept in home in order to attract the abundance. Let us see what are they….


1. Offering water gives you abundance

He did ask to preserve water and offer water to whomever thirsty irrespective of cast, creed, religion and region, even if it is the enemy. Water denotes the flow and containment. Water is one of the sources of life forces. So, preserving water is the first thing. Offer water for Sun in the form of tarpanam, to the gods and goddesses in the form of arghyam and to everyone that visits your home.

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