What do you Mean by Gayathri Jayanthi? | 2023 Puja Date & Timings


What do you Mean by Gayathri Jayanthi?

Gayathri Jayanthi 2023

Hindus follow GAYATHRI JAYANTHI on jesta shukla ekadashi and the one who went through upanayanam will chant gayathri mantra on this day. By worshipping Gayathri Devi on this auspicious day gives fruits which come for 100years. Our needs will be fulfilled and we will be saved from enemies and other Bad powers.


1. How to Follow Gayathri Jayanthi & Puja Vidh

Take bath before sunrise and do shadopachara puja for goddess Gayathri Devi. One who prays for educations should offer puja water Lilly flowers, who prays for other things have to offer puja with hibiscus flowers , who prays for deerga sumangali vrath have to offer puja with the help of turmeric powder and kumkum, who prays for money have to offer puja with lotus flowers. Who went through upanayanam should chant gayathri mantra. Whatever we offer to goddess should be delicious. A good women should be considered as goddess and should be felicitated with the offerings and good food.

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