What Does Chanting Stotras and Mantras Do To Our Body and Mind?

What Does Chanting Stotras and Mantras Do To Our Body and Mind?
Stotras and Mantras

How do Mantras Affect Brain?

The Effects of Chanting Mantras on Body and Soul

Today’s scientists proudly say that sound is a form of energy. They have carried out many experiments and found out that sound and vibration are inseparable and every body vibrates in its own frequency. We know the famous scientist Nikola Tesla’s words, ‘If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.’

Let us come back to our religion, culture and traditions of Hinduism. Hinduism is more of a lifestyle than a religion. Hinduism have science embedded in it. Every custom and every tradition we follow have scientific reasoning in them. Our ancient scriptures tell about the forms of energy and most importantly sound and vibration. Vedas are called srutis as they have been passed on from generation to generation in the form of vangmayam or recitation. Vedas are not written up to certain time period.

In those vedas, upanishads and samhitas we have innumerable mantras and stotras which have a specific pattern of sounds which produce energy projections when reverberated. We have the basic sound of all OM and other beejaksharas or seed sounds or seed syllables which release enormous energy packets when recited in a rhythm.

Mantras or stotras are written in only sanskrit which is said to be the language of Gods and Goddesses. Sanskrit letters, each one has a presiding deity, dhyana shloka and mantra to worship. This proves that ancient Indians were well versed in every aspect of science. Mantras and Stotras when recited daily increase concentration, amplify brain functioning and give us peace of mind and emotional stability. They energize our body and make us pure.

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