What Happens if Lizard Falls on Our Body Parts?

What happens if Lizard falls on our Body Parts?
Lizard Falls on Our Body

బల్లి మనపై పడితే ఏమవుతుంది

What Actually Happens if a Lizard Falls on You?

Gauli Shastra is part of the rich Indian heritage of literature that studies effects of falling of lizard on a human being. Even, Astrology (Balli Dosha shastram) also explores the same subject. ‘Muhurat Martand’ also explains these effects and most of the Hindus believe in it.

The falling of lizard on body parts of an individual forebode good or evil depending on where it comes into contact. The study of falling of lizards is called Gauli Shastra. According to this Shastra, every movement of a lizard holds significance, and there are 65 places where the lizard will fall on the human body that would foretell good and bad omens.

The effects of the lizard falling for men and women are different as per the Shastra. If a lizard falls on body parts except for stomach, navel, chest, it is considered good omen. It is considered auspicious if the lizard falls on the right body parts of man and left body parts in a woman. Here are the effects of lizard falling on men and women.

2. Lizard Falling Effects on Women

  • Head – Afraid of death
  • Hair Knot – Worry about sickness
  • Left Eye – Get love from your man
  • Right Eye – Creates mental stress
  • Right Cheek – Male child may be born
  • Upper Right Ear – Financial profits
  • Upper Lip – Be ready for disputes
  • Lower Lip – You’ll get new things
  • Both Lips – together Quarrel or dispute is on the cards
  • Backside – Expect death news
  • Nails – Conflicts / Arguments
  • Hands – Expect financial profits
  • Left Hand – Creates mental stress
  • Fingers –  Get ornaments (Abharana laabham)
  • Right Arm – Romance ahead
  • Shoulders – Getting ornaments (Abharana laabam)
  • Thighs – Expect romance
  • Knees – Fondness / Affection
  • Ankle – Complexity / Trouble
  • Calf of the leg – Expect visitors
  • Right leg – Defeat / Loss
  • Toes – Male child may be born

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