What happens if we ignore our work?

What happens if we ignore our work?

What happens if we ignore our work?

Our work is the proof more than our words and personality. Either it may be a small thing or a big thing we have to do with sincerity. The fallowing story tells us the same.

One carpenter fed his family and successfully fulfilled his responsibilities. He wants to spend rest of his time with his wife children and grandchildren and wants to take rest. He told the same thing to his boss. Boss even though kishtayya is working from so many years under him he doesn’t want to leave him but there is no other option than giving rest to him. But he requested him to do work finally for one house.

So he worked for that house without any interest we can say that by seeing that house. In that way, he completed his last day of work and went home.

When owner gifted that house to him, kishtayya was shocked and asked why? The owner replied the last house you worked for is your house and I gifted that house to you as you worked under me from all these years. And I thought only you can do carpenter work perfectly for that house so I asked you to do. He didn’t even utter a word. He started thinking that the house which he worked for without any interest is his house and he felt bad. Then he realised that we should not ignore work. But already loss happened.


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