What is Arjuna’s Candour?

What is Arjuna’s Candour

What is Arjuna’s Candour

Our life is set up with certain norms and conditions. For better lifestyle and better behaviour, we have to follow some conditions or we have to set some rules and accustomed to it. When we overcome those rules we have to correct ourselves. When we overcome rules how to behave honestly is the thing we can learn from Arjuna.


1. Instructions by Narada

After winning Draupadi Devi in Swayamvar, as per sashtras, she became the wife of Pandavas’s.” She will be the wife of each of pandavas for certain time period. In that time remaining peoples have to feel her like another woman, at any cost, they shouldn’t see her when she is the wife of others.  If they see her by mistake they have to go to pilgrimage with tough rules and regulations. “Said Naradha to Pandavas. Everyone agreed to it.

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