What is Guru Purnima? How, When and Why is it celebrated?


What is Guru Purnima

11. Grubhyonamaha

“Gukaraschandhakaarasthu rukaarasthannirodhakaha
Agnanagraasakam Brahma gurureva na samshayaha”

(Sri Guru Geeta, sloka: 44)

Meaning: “Gu” means darkness. “Ru” means to remove. The one who removes the darkness of ignorance is the guru, a teacher. India has a unique streak of teachers. We pray guru in the form of Lord Brahma, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Maheshwara. When there was a Gurukul education system,0 a teacher used to be treated in the form of a god. Teachers used to treat the students as their own children. In the present educational system, we can’t find such type of relationship between a teacher and a student.
If we pray our teachers on the day of Guru Purnima it is equal to the worship of the Trinity (Brahma, Vishnu, and Maheshwara).

22. Why do we celebrate Guru Purnima?

Shiva Purana says that aadi yogi; aadi guru Lord Shiva had taught wisdom and knowledge to saptarishis on the day of aashada Purnima. Datta charitra says that Lord Dattatreya had taught knowledge to his disciples on the day of aashada Purnima. It is believed that Vyasa maha muni had born on this day to satyavathi and Shantha and had divided the rig, yajus, Sama and atharvana Vedas. Due to all these charitable events aashada Purnima is celebrated as Guru Purnima or Vyasa Purnima.

33. How should we celebrate Guru Purnima?

Our first teacher is our mother. Firstly we have to pray to our mother on this day. We should thankfully pray to our father and teachers who thought us education. Pray to them by offering them fruit or a fabric. It is equivalent to the worship of saints like Dakshina Murthy, Dattatreya, Hayagriva and Sai Baba.

Why do we need teachers when all sciences are available in library?


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