What is meant by Lakshmi kataksham?

Lakshmi kataksham

Lakshmi kataksham

The most important thing in this world is money. Based on the man’s nature he likes different forms of money. To get such type of money, Lakshmi kataksham is necessary. If there is no such type of kataksham there will be no sustenance of life for an average person to the king.

This katasksham is needed not only for human being but also the deities. Saving the world is the main drudgery for the goddess.


2. Goddess Lakshmi Devi’s kataksham

The important, valuable, precious, glowing, great, holy and which gives us good luck are all the things which come under Lakshmi katsksham. Though all are human beings based on the sins and good things the Lakshmi kataksham differs. Even if we do many sins and faults if we pray the goddess, she offers us education, excellent speech, good will, strength, fluffiness, accomplishment, and money.

To get all these, we require Lakshmi kataksham. So we have to worship the goddess with a great devotion in the shravana masam which is her favorite season.


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