What is Pushkara according to science?

Offerings during Pushkaralu


1. According to science:

  1. Pushpateeti pushkaram-saves by giving a chance
  2. Pushkam(poshanam)rateeti(aa Datta ithi)pushkaram- gives good nutrition
  3. ‘srantham pushnateeti pushkaram’- protects who is tired and unconscious
  4. Poshayateeti pushkaram-feeds every time
  5. Pushtikaroteeti pushkaram-gives strength

Pushkara bath in Pushkar fair gives health and strength. Performing Pithru-karma during Pushkaras one will be bestowed with blessings from ancestors, peace and prosperity to the family.

Gods and Rushi’s will be happy for the pithru-karmas, which are performed, and they will happy and satisfied and shower their blessings on us mainly on children. They will fulfil our wishes

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  1. If you are really literate then don’t put “SCIENCE” word around it, you might have just translated what was in Sanskrit. There is no science here. If god really exists he won’t give free boons because you just took bath going to some rivers, not even to your ancestors. Getting into dirty water will make you sick. Do some social good for others, if he or she exists that MIGHT help you.


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