What is Shiva Tatva, the Great Philosophy of Lord Shiva?

What is Shiva Tatva
What is Shiva Tatva

What is Shiva Tatva?


1. What Makes Lord Shiva So Special?

Lord Shiva is the one peculiar god who not only appears differently but also has a different philosophy altogether. He has three eyes, wraps elephant skin around waist as dressing, smears ash from the burial ground, holds a trident, begs holding a vessel made of human skull, has snakes around his neck as ornaments, still possesses the most beautiful princess wife, Parvathi and he is a yogi after all. Last but not least he wears a small drum like devise called Dhamarukam which makes sounds belong to primordial times. Unlike other gods he appears with not extra embellishments, gold and silver ornaments studded with sparkling, priceless jewels. Always meditates and dances occasionally, the cosmic dance or the famous Shiva Tandava in the form of Nataraja.

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