What is Solar Eclipse? | Solar Eclipse in 2023

What is Solar Eclipse?
What is Solar Eclipse?

What is Solar Eclipse


1. What is Solar Eclipse? How does it Happen? 

Solar Eclipses occur very rarely when compared to Lunar Eclipses. Complete Solar Eclipses are rarer than rarer. Solar Eclipses occur when moon comes in between earth and sun. Complete Solar Eclipse occurs when earth, moon and sun align in a straight line. Solar Eclipse occurs only on the days of full moon or new moon. One has to be careful as emission of ultra violet rays is high in intensity at the time of complete Solar Eclipse. These rays show direct effect on nervous system and blood circulatory system.

This time Solar Eclipse goes for a span of 7 hours 40 minutes. Solar Eclipse will be visible only for 28 minutes after sunrise. This may visible differently as per the differences in area.

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