What is Spirituality?


Spirituality is not about giving up on everything. There is a wrong notion in society about Spirituality.

Spirituality means all-rounded efficiency which is more about learning everything starting from existing to surviving. It is about living happily every single minute and evolving from a basic human to the best version of a human being. Spirituality is a shift from egoism to modesty.

These days people are failing to differentiate spiritual enlightenment from Spiritual entertainment. A person earns divinity through Sadhana(a spiritual exercise) and understands Advaita(Vedantic non-dualism that denies the separateness of any aspect of reality from the impersonal oneness of Brahma).

Bhakti is about true devotion towards the deity and everything is possible with it. Scriptures say that performing pranayama closing your nose is not a proper form of Pranayama and Shatchakra Sahitham, Pranava Sahitha, Antharmukha pranayama sadhana are true forms of Pranayama. These are also called as BrahmaVidya and AthmaVidya.

Prana + Yama means spreading the force of life to every single part of your body thereby attaining the best health, long life, and brilliance.

Yoga is coordination between the mind and body. It is about bringing the soul and divinity together. Mukti or Moksha is not something we attain afterlife. It is about gaining command over Arishadvarga’s(the six enemies of mind), Thriguna’s, emotions and accomplishing liberty from everything.

Birth is all about stillness. Coming as one and growing into many. Finally ending as one.

Tantra in daily life…!