What is the greatness of Hindu Culture?

Hindu Culture

Hindu Culture

Hinduism is the earliest of all the religions. More than a religion, Hinduism is a well designed lifestyle. The exclusivity of Hinduism is, it is very scientific and natural. Solution to every problem is embedded in its culture and traditions. The daily practices are designed in a way to lead a quality life. Life expectancy was to the fullest once, when the culture was untouched and pure.

It is after the invasions of different countries over India destroyed its culture and many customs were erased and forgotten. Attacks on Nalanda and Takshasila universities ruined the heritage of Hinduism and some lakhs of scriptures and books were burnt. The knowledge was turned in to ashes.

The greatness lies in India’s perseverance. India never tried to invade any other country in known history. India stood as an example for its non-violent nature despite of several invasions. This turned to be a drawback as the country could not stop the devastation of its own culture and traditions. All that is left were memoirs of the glorious past.

Hinduism has no founder. It emerged itself from the nature. All other religions find their roots in Hinduism. Hinduism has Gods and Goddesses, their sons and daughters and devotees. That is why it is said that, Hinduism is the religion of God, Christianity is the religion of son of God and Islam is the religion of devotee of God. Basis for other religions is in root principles of Hinduism. This is why Hinduism is the greatest in the world, not as a religion but as a perfect way of living in alliance with nature.

Jai Matangi Maa _/\_


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