What is the importance of Dhakshinayana scientifically, astronomically and spiritually?

importance of Dhakshinayana

importance of Dhakshinayana

Good indeed occurs when the sun enters the constellation of cancer. The day will begin dakshinyam.  After entering the first 6 hours of infection 49mins is considered as good indeed and 2hours 16mins is considered as very very good indeed. During bath Dan high results.


1. In terms of Astronomy?

Over the course of solstice sun with the changes in astronomical terms, good indeed. ‘Ayanam’ means journey. We know that the sun rises is east. But when we observe it’s not exactly east. Sun rises in the east only for 2days in a year i.e.., September 23 and March 21. In the remaining time 6months from northeast and 6months from south-east. When it rises in the northeast it is called as cut Araya NAM and when it rises in the south-east it is known as dhakshinayam.

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